Using Windows Explorer as your FTP client

A FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client is a software that enables you to upload files to your webhost server. There are a plenty of them available on Internet and are both free and paid. The most popular one of those free FTP clients is FileZilla as it supports a variety of features and is “at times” better than a paid FTP client.
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Echofon for Windows

echofon for windows 1
Echofon, a Twitter client known for it’s super clean & minimal UI has just been released for Windows. Previously, Echofon was only available for Apple devices and as a Mozilla Firefox plugin.
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Using A Font Without Installing It On Your Computer

A lot of fonts come pre-installed on a Windows PC, but if you make a lot of presentations or do a lot of documentation or do a lot of graphic/logo design, then you probably have a lot of fonts installed on your Windows installation. The more fonts you have installed on your system, the longer becomes the start-up time of your system. Enter, Font Load-Unload, a free portable software that loads...
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Uninstall Applications Through the Right Click Context Menu Using ‘Menu Uninstaller’

Installing a program in Windows is a very easy task as it just takes you to double click on the setup & then follow the on-screen steps, but it’s the un-installing which is sometimes a pain since you either have to find the un-installer in the Start menu or have to navigate all the way to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs just to fire up the un-installer.
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Welcome To WindowsTray!

Welcome to WindowsTray, your favourite to-be destination for everything related to different Windows OS’s. This blog will host all types ‘tutorials’ and ‘tips & tricks’ that will enhance your experience with Windows.
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