Using A Font Without Installing It On Your Computer

A lot of fonts come pre-installed on a Windows PC, but if you make a lot of presentations or do a lot of documentation or do a lot of graphic/logo design, then you probably have a lot of fonts installed on your Windows installation. The more fonts you have installed on your system, the longer becomes the start-up time of your system.

Enter, Font Load-Unload, a free portable software that loads fonts without installing them on the system. Fonts loaded using this freeware are accessible by all programs installed on your system (like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, web browsers, text editors, email clients etc.) until the Windows session in use is ended (like by logging off, shutting down or restarting the PC).


Benefits of Font Load-Unload

  • It adds a font to the system temporarily. So, if you’re using a font which is you only plan to use once, then you can load it using this software. Even though it is possible to manually install/un-install fonts on Windows, it requires the user to remember un-installing the font before changing the power state of the system.
  • It is portable. So, if you’re on a system on which you don’t have a permission to install new things (fonts in this case), then this software will be a great help to you.


  1. To load a font, you can either Drag & Drop the font file on the Load button or click the Load button to select font files using Windows’ file browser.
  2. You can unload a font by simply selecting it from the list and then clicking on the unload button.
  3. If you have a list of fonts that you use regularly in your documents/presentations/designs then you can save the list of fonts being used in the current session using the program. This list can then be loaded in your subsequent Windows sessions.

More info.: Font Load-Unload

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